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Documents related to » vintage eames era lamps

The Dawn of the GRC Era for XBRL » The TEC Blog

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: auditing, compliance management, compliance strategy, extensible business reporting language, financial reporting, governance risk and compliance, grc, IT governance, performance management, risk control, risk management, XBRL, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

New Era of Networks Gets Blinded By the NEON
A recent ruling by a judge in the 268th Judicial District Court in Texas has upheld a jury verdict that awarded NEON Systems $39 million in damages against New Era of Networks, which, the jury found, had a nasty habit of abbreviating 'New Era of Networks' as, guess what, Neon. If upheld on appeal, this ruling will cause the new e-business division of Sybase a lot of administrative grief and expense (not to mention the money from the jury award).

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: 268th Judicial District Court, NEON Systems, NESY, New Era of Networks, Sybase, e-Business division, Judge Brady Elliott.

Profitable-to-promise: A New Exciting Era
Any manufacturing business is faced with promising accurate delivery dates for customer orders. At the same time, the manufacturer has to ensure that every order taken, is profitable. This article focuses on the issues related to order delivery date promising in view of profitability of orders to the manufacturer.

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: profitable to promise, manufacturing, supply chain management, SCM, engineer-to-order, ETO, material requirement planning, MRP, master production scheduling, MPS, advance planning and scheduling APS, Available-to-promise, capable-to-promise.

A New Era Dawns for Sybase
Sybase, Inc. has announced an agreement to acquire New Era of Networks (also known as NEON). After completion, Sybase will create a new e-Business division integrating NEON and other parts of its product suite. Within the last month, Sybase has announced record earnings and completed a three-year re-engineering effort to transform themselves from a database vendor to an e-Business infrastructure provider.

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: sybase, enterprise application integration, saas companies, data warehouse software, data warehouse products, datawarehouse software, sybase database, sybase server, open source erp, sybase adaptive server, web content management, software business, adaptive server enterprise, sybase training, enterprise solutions, siebel crm, erp integration, crm erp, business intelligence, hosted crm, saas erp, commerce software, bi software, erp providers, crm software online, sales force management software, navision software.

QlikTech Launches Direct Discovery to Combine Big Data with In-memory Technologies » The TEC Blog

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: big data, big data analysis, data warehouse, direct discovery, in memory, industry watch, inmemory, qliktech, QlikView, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Best Practices for Transporters and 3PL Service Providers
The business of transporting goods is risky, complex, and effort-intensive. Despite the continuing rise in fuel prices, employee salaries, and other overhead costs, transporters often face the prospect of providing their services at lower rates. How can transporters survive in such a difficult business climate?

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: goods transport business, transporters, transportation management system, TMS, 3PL, third party logistics, 3PL service providers, 4PL, fourth party logistics, 4PL service providers, supply chain management, SCM, fleet management, transport cost, transit times, appointment scheduling, warehouse management, load optimization, billing management, key performance areas measurement KPAM management, KPAM management, key account management, global positioning system, GPS, general packet radio service.

IBM Expands PureSystems Family to Address Big Data » The TEC Blog

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: big data, ibm, ibm puredata, ibm puresystems, industry watch, puredata, PureData System, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

The New Era of Mobile Intelligence: the Convergence of Mobile Computing and Business Intelligence
Computing is entering its fifth generation with desktop Internet applications giving way to a new generation of mobile Internet applications. As consumers capitalize on the power of mobile devices, the same transformation is occurring in business. Learn how the convergence of business information and analytics with mobile technology is empowering business people in a way that was never possible—until now.

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: Microstrategy, smartphones, analytics, business intelligence, performance management, web analytics, mobile computing, business analytics, business performance management, business intelligent, predictive analytics, siebel analytics, analytics software, bi tools, dashboard software, business intelligence bi, business intelligence solutions, business intelligence tools, crm business intelligence, corporate performance management, business intelligence erp, business intelligence analyst, cognos business intelligence, business inteligence, bi software, analyst business intelligence, market .
8/26/2010 4:10:00 PM

Why Software Selection Projects Fail
Why do so many software projects fail? Lorne Goloff, TEC's VP of selection services, talks about the common mistakes organizations make when selecting enterprise software and how best to avoid them.

12/16/2010 4:18:00 PM

Managing the Extended Enterprise for Profitable Growth
Integrating all the entities on your network requires a new type of software solution one that gives you the insight you need to make good business...

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: managing extended enterprise profitable growth, managing, extended, enterprise, profitable, growth, extended enterprise profitable growth, managing enterprise profitable growth, managing extended profitable growth, managing extended enterprise growth, managing extended enterprise profitable..
1/27/2012 3:59:00 PM

chinadotcom In The Process of Acquiring Ross Systems
Mid-market process ERP vendor Ross Systems is being acquired by its Chinese distributor, chinadotcom. Unlike some recent acquisitions that are based on the consumption of weaker players to pilfer a customer base, this acquisition appears to provide both parties with solid strategic benefits. This may be an acquisition made of the right reasons - to capitalize on a market growth opportunity.

VINTAGE EAMES ERA LAMPS: sale of certain earlier vintage products. The revenue dip between 2000 and 2001 is in great part due to the divestiture of certain non-core product lines. Figure 2 NOTE: Net income for 4Q02 reflects $10.9 million, non-cash, non-recurring charge due to the release of its next generation of process manufacturing software and related discontinued sale of certain earlier vintage products. Market Impact Ross Systems is one of the few mid-market ERP players left that focuses on the process industries. The

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