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How to Choose a Service and Maintenance Application
If you’re not using a service and maintenance application, you may have reached the point where manual systems no longer support the pace of business. Where to

pre planned maintenance program  to create jobs from previous jobs, quotes, or templates? Do you notify your employee by e-mail about outstanding jobs? Do you want to graphically view job and employee schedules together with resource loading information? Do you track estimated against actuals for quantities, costs, and revenue? What forms do you need to print, i.e., invoice, credit note, picking slip, job card, confirmations, quotes, etc.?   Five Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Service and Maintenance Application Mistake Read More

Enterpise asset management (EAM) solutions support maintenance management tasks. Asset management systems typically enable planning, controlling, and monitoring of physical asset events. ...
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Documents related to » pre planned maintenance program

Software Giants Make Courting A Small Guy Their
While fixed time and cost solutions delivered packaged from pristine laboratories do have their appeal, SMEs are becoming increasingly savvy to ask for more

pre planned maintenance program  Development Kit) for all previous versions of SAP Business One (6.01, 6.02). For new version 6.2, there is a new generation SDK (including user interface functionality, and tools for accelerated development). This version is being tested by partners and is expected to be released for general use at the beginning of July. A mobile client is also currently not available in the US, and thus are traveling salespeople still unable to remotely access the software. Again, SAP claims a mobile client is being deve Read More
Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined the problem that, as the number of systems, applications, databases, and whatnot platforms increases, the IT business

pre planned maintenance program  scheduled to run (past, present, and future). Jobs can be filtered by days or execution status (i.e., “Show me only jobs that have failed, aborted, not run, or are still executing!”). The Gantt View can be used by job designers as well as administrators and operations staff to identify load levels (to balance loads) or quiet periods for system’s planned maintenance, etc. Finally, the Administrators View helps administrators with setting policies, defaults, etc. Part 3 will unveil the latest Read More
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of August 13, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONSSwiss investment bank UBS selects cloud-based Oracle’s Fusion Human Capital ManagementIndustry tags: Finance and Banking

pre planned maintenance program  And purchasing managers who prepare bid packages can rapidly assemble and approve everything needed to win intricate bids. Amid a number of new features in 2012.2, my personal favorite is templates for commonly used processes, which can have two states. In one, a process created from the template can be modified while it’s running. The other template type prohibits this. This option allows Kenesto to fit the wishes of different companies’ policies—some may wish to encourage innovation in processes, Read More
Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, Revisited Part One: 1960s--Pre-Computer Era
Knowing the history and evolution of enterprise applications is essential to understanding their current use and future developments. Each step in the evolution

pre planned maintenance program  planning (MRPII) packages, used predominantly by discrete manufacturers . Since MRP assumes infinite capacity and strict adherence to schedule dates, process and flow manufacturers have found little use for it. They instead focused their efforts during the same time on other aspects of the supply chain, particularly forecasting, purchasing, and distribution. For more details on peculiarity of these manufacturing environments, see Process Manufacturing Software: A Primer , What Makes Process Process? , Read More
How Midsize Businesses Can Reduce Costs, Secure Data, and Ensure Compliance with an Identity Management Program
A strong identity management platform plays dual roles: gatekeeper and guardian of business intelligence (BI) and data. Midsize businesses can’t operate

pre planned maintenance program  proprietary information (i.e., Excel spread sheets and emails). Without an automated process in place, it becomes difficult for midsize businesses to audit and cross-reference identities or changes across departments, partners and the organization in order to confirm or establish access or segregation of duties. Building Operational Efficiencies A healthy and sustainable business, in large part, comes from keeping operations within budget and continually seeking ways to reduce costs. For midsize Read More
Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online: CMMS – EAM Competitor Analysis Report
The EAM knowledge base is geared toward groups that need to analyze requirements for a system, which supports maintenance management tasks. Asset management

pre planned maintenance program   Read More
Discussing E2open’s Pre-IPO State of Affairs
Today’s businesses are complex. No longer are supply chains linear—but they involve dynamic trading partner networks across the globe. E2open caters to this

pre planned maintenance program  E2open’s Pre-IPO State of Affairs While the world trudged through the worst economic slump in our lifetime in the late 2000s, E2open , a cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) software provider, was prospering. Today, even with the likelihood of double-dip recession in many regions of the world, E2open believes to be well positioned to provide solutions that help its customers—particularly as capital improvement and rapid results are essential to many businesses. The company’s Read More
Building a Web Application Security Program
Today’s Web applications exist in an environment vastly different from when businesses first entered the Internet. Few companies have a comprehensive Web

pre planned maintenance program  Few companies have a comprehensive Web application security program to prevent Internet-borne security breaches. Learn how security concerns for Web applications are different than for traditional applications, and how to build a Web security program that curbs costs and provides effective security. Read More
Rimini Street: The End of Full-price Software Maintenance Is Here!
In a recent press release, Rimini Street boldly declared the end of full-price software maintenance. The vocal and upbeat third-party software maintenance

pre planned maintenance program  Here! In a  recent press release , Rimini Street boldly declared the end of full-price software maintenance. The vocal and upbeat third-party software maintenance provider for various popular SAP and Oracle enterprise systems believes that a tipping point has finally been reached in the market for annual maintenance (certainly, the public cloud enterprise software providers have long been preaching even the outright elimination of maintenance expenses in their deployment model, but the focus here is on Read More
BPMonline Launches Americas Partner Program
The process-based customer relationship management (CRM) provider BPMonline has announced its new Americas Partner Program, which includes three types of

pre planned maintenance program   Read More
Lean Maintenance-Does It Impact Reliability? Lessons Learned and Best Practices
The main cause of lean maintenance failure is that companies fail to focus on asset reliability. The reliability approach to capacity, which includes risk

pre planned maintenance program  maintenance procedure effectiveness analysis, predictive maintenance (PDM) analysis, and trend and analysis of condition monitoring results. Defining Maintenance and Reliability The problem most companies have is that they fail to define lean maintenance. In the aforementioned definition, you will find that reliability is a key ingredient in this process. I have always asserted that without reliability, you cannot have maintenance . The two are integral to each other and woven together. Without the two Read More
Why Selecting an ERP System Is Like a 12-Step Recovery Program
So, I was looking over this article, and it suddenly occurred to me that there are uncanny similarities between AA’s 12-step program and the ERP selection

pre planned maintenance program   Read More
The Starter PKI Program: How to Get the Time-saving Convenience of a Multiple Digital Certificate Account
Some companies need to secure multiple domains or host names for their Web sites. The Starter PKI program from thawte provides a system that enables the

pre planned maintenance program   Read More
Giving Service Companies a Fast Start: SAP Business All-in-One Fast-start Program
Whatever you offer as a service provider, success depends on how well you manage key accounts to ensure long-term relationships and the highest possible margins

pre planned maintenance program  running quickly. Complete with preconfigured software, the program is easily adaptable to your changing requirements, growing as your business does. The SAP Business All-in-One solution supports the service-related business processes you perform on a daily basis ' from time and expense recording and contract management to billing for fixed-price, resource-related, or intercompany contracts. Based on SAP's years of experience in developing business software, the solution will enable your employees to make Read More

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