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Documents related to » gantry cmms

Data Quality Strategy: A Step-by-step Approach
Success start with data quality strategy: a step-by-step approach.Read Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) whitepapers. To realize the full benefits of their investments in enterprise computing systems, organizations must have a detailed understanding of the quality of their data—how to clean it, and how to keep it clean. The companies that approach this issue strategically are the companies that will be successful. Learn the six factors that go into a good data quality strategy, and find out how to go from strategy to implementation.

GANTRY CMMS: survey conducted by the Gantry Group LLC, DM Review asked, What are the three biggest challenges of implementing a business intelligence/data warehousing (BI/DW) project within your organization? Of the 688 people who responded, the number-one answer (35% of respondents) was budget constraints. Tied with budget constraints, the other number-one answer was data quality. In addition, an equal number of respondents (35%) cited data quality as more important than budget constraints. Put simply, to realize t
1/25/2010 1:13:00 PM

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