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Documents related to » citect scada

Production Intelligence--Improving Production by Filling a Traditional Gap
Enterprises understand the value of integration. One area that has been ignored is the plant. Plant systems and corporate systems must be complementary and leverage each other to provide their maximum value. Production intelligence provides both integration and valuable information which is not available in either type of system.

CITECT SCADA: sampling of vendors includes CiTect and Aegis who have built solutions specifically for the production intelligence role. Datasweep , EMT , and Lighthammer were founded on the concept. Others have created operational data stores ( Camstar , nMetric , Visiprise ) and dashboards for operational metrics ( Apriso , Aspen Technology ). Data historian-based products correlate processes and product results over time (Aspen Technology, GE Fanuc , OSIsoft s PI ). Summary Enterprises understand the value of

Captured by Data
The benefits case for enterprise asset management (EAM) has been used to justify huge sums in EAM investment. But to understand this reasoning, it is necessary to explore how asset data can be used to further the aims of maintenance.

CITECT SCADA: data acquisition (SCADA) or Citect , commercial databanks, user groups, and at times consultant organizations. Similarly to information from manufacturers, there is a need to understand how this applies to the operating environment of your assets. As asset owners require more and more technologically advanced products, items come onto the market with limited test data in operational installations, further complicating the issues of maintenance design through data. The factors that decide the lengths that

Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor Gains Connectivity through Acquisition of Plant Intelligence Provider
SAP has gained connectivity to virtually any source on the plant floor and analytical functionality through its acquisition of Lighthammer's products for plant intelligence. SAP users in the process of evaluating plant intelligence solutions should seriously consider Lighthammer.

CITECT SCADA: , GE Fanuc , Citect , Siemens, Yokagawa, and PSI-BT , to name only a few. A further challenge for SAP will be establishing themselves as a trustworthy partner to independent software vendors (ISV) that are afraid of being acquired in order to build the necessary ISV ecosystem (see SAP NetWeaver Background, Direction, and User Recommendations ). SAP also has to clarify for potential plant-level ISV partners how to use xMII as an underlying platform for delivering preconfigured industry templates and

Has SAP Nailed Plant Level Leadership with Lighthammer?
The acquisition of the formerly loyal composite applications partner Lighthammer bolsters SAP's capabilities of connectivity and visibility into manufacturing plant performance. However, it does not, at this stage, provide much added industry-specific shop-floor functionality per se.

CITECT SCADA: , USData FactoryLink , Citect , and general-purpose open process control (OPC) servers. The product also allows direct connections to Sybase and IBM DB2 databases, which augment the extensive list of connectors already available for Invensys-Wonderware , Intellution , Oil Systems , Aspen Technology , Oracle , Microsoft SQL Server , and open database connectivity (ODBC) data sources. This concludes Part One of a two-part note. Part Two will analyze the market impact of the acquisition, and make user

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